Bernie Sanders Boom Box Parade March

Willimantic, CT
July 4th 10am – 12:30pm

This page has all the answers to your questions about our marching in support of Bernie in the 29th Annual Willimantic Boom Box Parade. <RSVP>

Where and when do we assemble?

We assemble at 10:00am, the Parade starts an hour later. At the corner of Main St & Jackson St, Willimantic, CT 06226 <directions>

Note: Depending on where you are coming from, plan a bit of extra time in case you have to detour around other parades along your route. If you come from west of Willimantic on Rt 66 you are likely to hit a couple of parade detours.

Where do I park?

Parking should be no problem if you arrive in the area by 10:00am. Either near the site or on a nearby street.

(also see Carpool information below)

Can I invite others?

Please do. Bernie would benefit from as big a showing as possible.

What is the Boom Box Parade?

It is a hoot. All sorts of groups and floats. <Official Info>

Music is by Boom Boxes tuned to a local radio station by the crowds along the way. By tradition, expect to get a little water via squirt guns from the crowd.

What are we protesting? Why are we there?

We are not protesting anything. We are showing our support of Bernie’s campaign for President. We should fully expect that there will be supporters of other candidates there doing the same thing. We should be courteous and respectful to everyone.

By respectfully representing Bernie with a significant presence we demonstrate that there is support in Connecticut for Bernie..

Can I bring signs:

We have a number of signs. We can always use more. However, remember we are presenting a positive image of Bernie and not knocking any other candidate or person.


From the West. We are planning a carpool from the Main St. Glastonbury commuter lot, across from Burger King, near the East Hartford line and the Putnam Bridge, Rt 2 and Rt 3. We plan on leaving at 8:45 as we will be transporting the signs and defining the location for Bernie supporters in the Parade. Use the address for Burger King in your GPS or map software:
3025 Main St, Glastonbury

RSVP, Other Carpools: Email us to RSVPor if you would like create a carpool from some other area or location,.

RSVP or email a carpool organizer

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